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Fraunhofer IFF leads the development of a RoboSAPIENS technology that assures trustworthy robots. Additionally, IFF will use the RoboSAPIENS technologies to create a dynamic risk assessment.

  • Lead in Work Package 3 – Ensuring MAPE-K Trustworthiness

Fraunhofer, Europe’s leading research organization, specializes in developing decision-support technologies for various sectors including health, security, manufacturing, and services.

As a member of the RoboSAPIENS consortium, the Fraunhofer Institute IFF brings its expertise in digitalization, AI, and risk analysis to the table. The Fraunhofer IFF team is set to design AI-driven solutions for space exploration that support open-ended adaptation, analyze domain shifts to address uncertainties, and develop dynamic models for risk assessment, mitigation, and validation.

Their practically oriented case study will serve as a showcase to test, promote and improve the project’s achievements.

Contact details

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Roland Behrens

o +49 391 4090 284
o Fraunhofer IFF, Sandtorstr. 22, 39106 Magdeburg, Germany

Team members involved in RoboSAPIENS

Robert Scharping
MSc, Research Scientist

Roland Behrens
PhD, Chief Scientist and Group Manager for “Smart Safety Solutions